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Saturday, October 01, 2005

Great Video

This was on the MRA and MA site, enjoy!
It is 3.24 minutes long


  • At 10/01/2005 7:27 AM, Blogger mopedkytten said…

    I saw that! It is so awesome!


  • At 10/01/2005 8:07 AM, Blogger Bruce50cc said…

    All that and no accidents. Why is it that one car and one moped on the same road in North America are bound to crash.Great video.

  • At 10/04/2005 1:19 PM, Blogger ]-[åRdFlóòR said…

    A friend of mine lived in Thailand for a while, and he said it was just normal for the cars to hit the mopeds. The difference is, the mopeds wouldn't notice and just keep going. When you get to an intersection, you see what happens, the bikes surround the cars ... what a different world!
    Ok, Who's gonna come with me ... lets ride Saigon!


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