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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

poker night/housewarming party

hi all,
i just wanted to invite you all to a little poker/housewarming party i'm having. here's the evite.


  • At 6/28/2005 2:50 PM, Blogger motormatic said…

    Oh, I'd love to, but I have to work at the bar Friday nights. But have fun and we will see you and your moped soon! Congrats on the new place!

  • At 6/28/2005 7:44 PM, Blogger Bjerg said…

    Sounds neat, Since I could swing next friday, I might just be there. We'll see. What kinda stakes? (i.e. how much should I bring?)

  • At 6/29/2005 8:14 AM, Blogger p said…

    just friendly fun, so the stakes are low. the change found in the couch should suffice.


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