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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ahoy There!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday time. Shame about all the snow but atleast this gives us time to fix the bikes we enjoy so much :D
I know it was a while ago but I finally got around to posting some pics from the ride we held up here in Barrie over the summer. Our 3 bikes parked outside a local outdoors/surplus store in downtown barrie. I hope to hold more rides this summer and hopefully more people will show up!
I would very much like to actually do an over night trip up to Tobermory, so anyone interested in throwing some camping gear on their bikes at putting 600km on their bikes let me know!

Also I am working on a Puch Maxi Project and I need some parts, if anyone has some maxi parts they can part (pun intended) with please let me know!


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