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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Hello all! Simply Mopeds new location!

Hi all:

I am glad to announce that, finally, we have a showroom, up-town Toronto. The address is 883 St. Clair Avenue W. one block east of Oakwood, south-east corner.

In partnership now we carry not only mopeds, but also mini choppers, e-bicycles, folding bicycles and e-scooters.
You are all invited to pay us a visit. we are open every day except Sunday.

On another note, The RCMP gang had a nice R.I.D.E. along the Lakeshore this Labour Day. Numbers grew as we picked up mopedeers along the route. We were overwhelmed by the sheer number of riders out for a fun R.I.D.E. Everyone had a blast, and as far as I know, everyone got home safely. See you all next year for the second annual RCMP Labour Day R.I.D.E. program.


  • At 9/07/2005 8:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Although I share you enthusiasm, I was under the impression that the purpose of a blog was to communicate with others who share similar interests, and that we are not allowed to abuse this forum to promote and advertise a personal business venture. Try other means of advertising.

  • At 9/08/2005 6:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I personally disagree,I really appreciate people offering their services. Thank you!

  • At 9/08/2005 7:03 PM, Blogger freddie said…

    Dear anonymus:

    First of all, I don't hide my name when posting, whereas you and others hide behind your anonymity and post comments that noone want to hear and are counter productive.

    If you had a moped and needed service or parts, wouldn't you be happy to know that there's someone out there that can provide such service? Your selfish attitude won't get you anyhere.

    Yours truly,

    (not anonymous)

  • At 9/08/2005 7:31 PM, Blogger Bjerg said…

    I'll also add that most of the dealers in downtown Toronto are very poor if not downright crooked, none of our membership has anyproblem with freddie just mentioning his new location. he's not exactly spamming the blog (or anything else for that matter) and never tries pushing his stuff when riding with us.

    What we DO mind is shameless opportunists who come out to ride with us just to hand out fliers and accost just about anybody passing by.

    There's a difference between mentioning a minor commercial news item and just being a shill. I don't think anybody who knows Freddie imagines that line is being crossed. If you don't belive me, come out and ride with us and see for yourself.

  • At 9/09/2005 3:39 PM, Anonymous david said…

    I agree with Freddie and Matt. If you don't reveal your identity, please don't post. We don't need flamers and trolls.

  • At 9/09/2005 6:51 PM, Blogger motormatic said…

    Yep, I agree too. If you're gonna say something like that, you shouldn't hide who you are.

  • At 9/09/2005 7:33 PM, Blogger ]-[åRdFlóòR said…

    We shouldn't discriminate against trolls, because Trolls are just little dwarf like creatures that hang out under bridges in Scandinavia ... and there's nothing really wrong with that ... I mean everyone has some bizarre fetish ...
    As for the advertising rights etc ... there is a big difference between shameless non-stop plugs and being excited about a new location for your business that is by all means related to why we are all here ie. Mopeds.
    I don't think Freddy is going to run daily ads here forcing us all to buy tomos mopeds (and if he does we can feed him to the trolls if needed), so lets consider the subject closed, move on, and get another moped ride organized ... In my humble opinion, there should be many more of them! OK?
    Stan/ <----Completely not Anonymous since 1993


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