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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Hot Times in the Olde Towne

Well this is it folks, the forecast for this Saturday's pool party is hot..Hot..HOT! So why not spend it lounging and swimming (bring your own towel please)at a Mansion in Rosedale. It's a BYOB (drink responsibly please) and if you can please bring a snack or pop. There will be some food to BBQ but since we don't know exactly how many are coming, friends and family are welcome, be prepared to chip in for additional burgers etc. Below is a link to Mapquest for those whom have not been here before.

Map of 61 Bin-scarth Road
Toronto, ON M4W, CA

The festivities will start any time after 2pm. and I am looking forward to a great turnout. Hope to see you there! Darcy.


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