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Monday, May 22, 2006

Oil on Tomos rear wheel!

Finally, after years of cleaning that oil from the wheel, I tackled the leaks and got the job done. The job is mostly labour. If you need to get rid of this nagging problem, talk to me.


  • At 5/23/2006 9:01 AM, Blogger steven matichuk said…

    the notion of a tomos without a dirty rear wheel seems so foreign to me- LOL
    actually, i've always been curious as to how to correct this issue. i've heard wherever the oil comes from referred to as a 'weeping hole' which doesn't sound good to me. if it's somewhat easy to explain in bullets, feel free to email your remedy to me at:

  • At 5/23/2006 1:36 PM, Blogger shocksca said…

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  • At 5/26/2006 5:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    That's great, a lot of readers would like to know what you did. Why not post your instructions on your Blog ???

  • At 5/27/2006 7:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I had the same spitting oil troubles. I cut an small O-ring in half and stuffed it into the pressure overflow pin hole, just above the output drive sprocket. ( I removed the chain cover and about an inch above the chain there is a tiny hole). I'm waiting to see what happens to my ride?

  • At 5/29/2006 5:38 AM, Blogger 2brent said…

    Tryed stuffing the pressure overflow pin hole, that didn't make any differance. What was Freddie's solution? nothing on his blog.


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