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Sunday, February 18, 2007

2007 Moped Army Events

I would like to get down to one of these events this summer. I know that Lindsay is in, but who else? I think that this could be done, reasonalbly inexpensivly ..... about $30.00-40.00 per person to get there, (U Haul Rental, chip in for gas and tolls). These are the events that are an easy 1 day drive from Toronto. When we get together for a few drinks I think we should talk about it. What do you think?

May 27-28 Kalamazoo : BBQ 13

June 2 Hershey; Moped Madness

June 15-17 Cincinatti : Bomb Prom

July 13-15 Chicago : BlingBQ4

August 17-20 Grand Rapids : Ghost Ride

October 5-7 Ann Arbor: Red October


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