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GTA 50cc

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

$100 for a welder!!! Also I built a blower for my ped.

Yup, Canadian tire has them on sale again. Lots of the time they're not on the shelf since they only put one on display at a time and people are buying them fast. Now I can finally fix my center stand and maybe add a secure carrier on the back.

I made a blower out of an old 12v dustbuster. It produced a huge abount of strong airflow. Alais it didn't work since it cancelled out the suction that adds the fuel to the mix. I then put propaine directly into the blower it was able to run off that just fine. I'm thinking of putting in a fuel injector or putting a carb on the intake and maybe hooking it up so that the blower speed is proportional to the engine speed.


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