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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Spontaneous ride today.........

A few of us wound up at Bruce's house for a little ride this evening. We got to see Bill's Cady for the 1st time (and it's really nice) and I swapped my Garelli for Bruce's Si for a little while, which was super fun.

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All was good, we hung out for a bit and then off we went!

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We rode over to Humber Bay Park and took a strool by the lake. Had a few problems with Bruce's Vespa Si but they were quickly remedied and we went back to his house.

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Upon our return to Bruce's house, my Garelli promptly died, but all is well, it's easily fixable and we had a great time so it's all good!

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Can't wait for the next big ride!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Memorial Day Moped Spree..........

.....................results in arrest!

PORTSMOUTH — A Fall River man was arrested on a flurry of charges after an unsuccessful attempt to flee from police on an stolen moped. The off-roading rampage began Monday, May 30 on West Main Road where police were dispatched to Connor's Funeral Home for a suspicious man described as drunk and shirtless with lacerations. It was there that he fled from police, heading northbound on Route 24.

Within minutes police located the man out at the point at Cedar Island. There they arrested Nicholas A. Silva, 18, of Fall River, on charges of possession of a stolen vehicle, reckless driving, resisting arrest and possession of a weapon.
Mr. Silva tried to lose police by veering off route 24 on the moped — a vehicle believed to be taken from Scooter World in Newport. He navigated through narrow dirt paths in a partially wooded Cedar Island before ditching the bike in an attempt to escape on foot as he headed toward the point.

"It was a pursuit but it was a very slow moving pursuit," said Deputy Chief Lance Hebert.


This is just too funny.

Piaggio parts....

Just a thought for the couple of you guys that have Vespa mopeds.........Someone in Canada is selling a bunch of Vespa moped parts on Ebay this week.

Here's the link.

poker night/housewarming party

hi all,
i just wanted to invite you all to a little poker/housewarming party i'm having. here's the evite.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

How's next Sunday?

...As a tentative date for a ride? The weather's supposed to be fabulous and if everyone's available we could do a sort of Southern Ontario ride and go down the lakeshore for a while. Let's get a whole bunch of people out and do it in style!

Any new people who want to join us are more than welcome!

Meanwhile, here's some pics from the last ride...

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An idea for later

One of the things I thought about last night is that we could maybe switch over to our own free Invisionfree messageboard. They're free, easier to administrate, and have a lot more options. If any of you have been to the Moped Riders Association boards, those are on the invision free model and ours would look very similar.

Just a thought.


Friday, June 24, 2005

Bear with us.........

As we figure out how this blogger thing works. In the meantime, we'll be planning another ride sometime near the beginning of July. If you live in Southern Ontario and would like to come along, just get in touch with us.

Here it is................

The official blog of the RCMP. The Royal Canadian Moped Posse. Enjoy!