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Thursday, October 27, 2005

This Sunday!

Okay peeps... This Sunday it's supposta be sunny, and 16 C. out... Let's have a nice ride, shall we? 2 o'clock at Squirly's (at the risk of sounding hokey) be there, or be square!


Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This is ...............

............... so off topic it's ridiculous. But I just thought I'd ask. Me and my roommate are looking for a third to move into our kick ass house. So if anyone knows of anyone that's cool and not a jerk let me know!! The room is up for grabs Dec. 1st, but we could do it sooner if it was needed. They have to be ok with dogs, but not bring any because Kagin will eat them. They have to be employed because I'm not covering anyone's rent. They have to be ok with smoking in the house. But aside from that, we're easy going roommates, neither of us are here that much, and it's cheap too!!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Coffee Klatsche (sp?) at Squirly's

Well, it was Lindsay, Lars and I only, today at Squirly's. We had a great time drinking coffee (cultivating a caffeine buzz) and chatting about everything from mopeds to drugs and sex toys! Lindsay and Lars brought their 'peds, and I left mine at home 'cos I broke my second-to-baby toe on my left foot this morning and it was too damn sore to consider riding today. I was racing to break up a cat fight and smashed my foot into the leg of the coffee table and that was it. However, it is only the very top bone that is broken, so hopefully it'll feel better in a couple of days. It's a lovely violet colour and a wee bit swollen! I digress...

After swilling more than our share of coffee, we went over to Doc's Leathers and helped Lindsay pick out a pair of warm riding gloves since it seems that her original ones are MIA... She bought a primo pair with red in them that match her Garelli quite nicely! The proprietor took photos of Lars and Lindsay on their 'peds and he asked me to come by next week and let him snap me on mine; so I will do just that, hopefully the toe-toe will not be stinging so much! It was a fun afternoon; however it would've been nice to see some more of you out, we missed youse guys.

kytten =^^=

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Alrighty then... 2 p.m. at Squirly's it is!

See youse guys there!


Friday, October 21, 2005

Departure Time this Sunday?

Hey youse guys! Are we gonna keep the same time of 1 p.m. as last Sunday? It worked out pretty well, although we did sit and talk for quite awhile before we left... Whadday'all think?


P.S. Who all is ridin'? I am!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Help a mopeder out...............

Reposted from Moped Army: Dave Brzezicki of the Decepticon Moped Army was in a terrible hit and run accident with a speeding SUV. His pelvis is broken and he will be laid up for a very long time while he heals. It's hard to know what the hospital bill will be but on top of that he won't be able to work to pay his mortgage, buy food, etc.We are raising money for him to live off of while he heals. The initial estimate is that he will be out of commission for half a year. I know that this is a big amount but this is a big problem. Please help out with whatever you can. I know that Dave will forever appreciate it.

It would make a world of difference if we could all pitch in and donate a little cash. Dave's gonna have a long, hard time recovering. You can donate here through Paypal.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The "Ride de Jour"!

It was a terrific ride today; David, Lars, Freddie and I showed up and welcomed a new fellow named Brent (and his green Tomos) to the group and our hangout "Squirly's"! Brent has visited the RCMP website and has been reading our postings and decided that he would come out today and see what we are all about, and I for one hope he will come back. We managed to chat away an hour before we even set off for the ride, and when we finally left, we went in a westerly direction as the Toronto Marathon had most of the downtown streets tied up for the duration of the afternoon hours. We took a lovely ride through the High Park neighbourhood and the park itself (stopping for a break and a chat with curious onlookers at the snack bar in the middle of the park) and we ended up back at Squirly's for a post-ride glass of vino and more "posse bonding" a good time was had by all! Lars had a bit of technical difficulties over on Ellis Avenue, but he figured out what it was and "got 'er goin' " and soon we were on our way without further ado... We missed ya Lindsay, Bruce, et al; hope to see you out next week! Oh, before I forget; Lars, if any of the pics turn out, you might want to post them here so we can see what they look like! :)


Thursday, October 13, 2005

1 p.m. start on Sunday October 16th?

Hey all, our Bruce (who is suffering from a nasty head cold) has suggested that we have an earlier start time of 1 p.m. now that the shorter days and colder temps. are upon us. He presents good rationale for this (more hours of sun, ergo more warmth) and so I thought I would post this as a separately instead of having it buried in another posting. Do we move the time up to 1 p.m. and catch more rays or do we leave it at 3 p.m. and just bundle up warmer and hope we don't freeze our naughty bits off? I can do either or because I am a perky morning person; okay, don't everyone groan and roll their eyes!


Monday, October 10, 2005

Photos from Sunday.

Francisco emailed these photos he took on Sunday. Thought I'd share, they're great. The ride was awesome.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

See you all next week!!

Report on Oct. 9th Sunday Ride

We met at Squirlys at 3 on a nice fall day for our ride. Matt, Francesco, Lindsay,Carolyn and myself were ready to ride. We all welcomed a newby to the ride. Lars came for his first ride with his Vespa Grande.Patrick made an appearance on his motorcycle to meet everyone as his moped is out of order right now. Francesco brought his 1980 Puch that he just bought in Quebec. What a beauty it was, very nice shape for a 25 year old moped.
The ride was great, but the chilly weather had us all wishing we'd dressed warmer. I guess we're gonna have to get leather jackets like Carolyns. I had to stop and buy some cheap gloves, others just toughed it out. We rode through Forest Hill and then along Eglinton to Royal York Rd. On the way back we took the scenic route by the Humber River and then back via Bloor St. All in all it was a nice ride but it sure let us know that winter is on the way.

P.S. We heard from Lindsay that her father in England is very ill. We all send you our warmest thoughts Lindsay.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Simcoe ... Maybe?

Weather permitting; I will finally be doing that ride around Lake Simcoe tomorrow. The forecast doesn't look great, but they are saying no rain in the north. Mind you it's going to be cold, but then that’s not a bad thing for the moped.
Sorry I didn't get a chance to post something about this earlier, as I mentioned on the Moped Army site, since there is no support vehicle, and considering this is going up to areas where there is little traffic or even cell phone access for that matter, it is really a ride if you dare situation. I think about Toronto's own Walter Muma who rode that awesome trip to Alaska and back, and I think ... damn! He must have had a lot of faith in that Moby! Mind you it was brand new at the time ... not a 33 year old Honda :) If anyone last minute feels like taking the trip, contact me, or post so I can get a hold of you. Remember I need to leave the Markham area at around 10am in order to stay out of the dark on the way home. Sorry again for leaving this to last minute, I know a few of you wanted to come. BUT there's always next year!
I will check the weather again in the morning, and make the decision whether to go or not. If I do go, I will take lots of pics for you guys, and will hopefully have a good story when I get back.
If I do go and my but doesn't fall off after the all day ride, I will definitely try to get down for Sundays ride!
Here's hoping for good weather and a good ride! Sorry for the super long post!

See you all on Sunday

Even though the weather forecast is pretty dismal for today and tomorrow, it looks like it's going to brighten up for Sunday afternoon. SO, rain or shine, we'll meet at Squirly's at 3pm again. We'll figure it all out from there. See you all there!

A question that is NOT media-related! :)

Do we have business cards? I saw two mopeds in my travels yesterday (Hondas) and I would've liked to have been able to leave a posse card on them!

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Whaddaya'll Think of This Idea?

Hey guys... Freddie and I were chatting this morning about exposure for moped riding in the city and I suggested that it might be a great idea for all of us RCMP members to show up on our mopeds one morning on City TV's Breakfast Television program. Whaddaya think about that? It would be great media exposure both for "the moped as transportation" concept as well as the Posse itself, as BT is the most watched morning program in the GTA. I have no idea how one goes about booking a spot on BT, and I am the most junior member of the RCMP I don't think it's my place to do so if it something that everyone agrees on. Thoughts?

Monday, October 03, 2005

Yesterday's Ride Was Killer

We have a great ride yesterday. The weather was good, there were no break downs, everyone had a great time! We had 7 mopeds out for the ride.

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

Here's what would be a great photo of Bruce looking tall on his Ciao, if there wasn't so much sun in it!!

Image hosted by

And here's Dave's Grande.

Image hosted by

Yeah, the ride was awesome. Let's get an even bigger turnout for next week. Ahem, Stan, ahem...haha.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Weekly Sunday Ride

OK, so we'll be having our 1st (until it gets too cold!) weekly ride at Squirly's tomorrow afternoon at 3pm. For anyone who hasn't been yet, Squirly's is at 807 Queen Street West. We'll meet up there, have a drink, and take it from there! See you all there! It's getting colder, let's have a good turnout and swarm as much as possible before the icky weather hits us.

Great Video

This was on the MRA and MA site, enjoy!
It is 3.24 minutes long