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Saturday, July 30, 2005


Well is going to be on Thursday next week? Time? Sqirleys?

Monday, July 25, 2005

RCMP in Scarborough!

The ride yesterday was great. We met at Cherry Beach and made our way up to the Scarborough Bluffs. The weather was perfect, we had a couple new faces show up and we had a great time!

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Crest Change

Seems I wrote this once today but it didn't show. Anyway lets not brood about the MA thing and get on with spreading the word to anybody, anywhere. Lindsay you need to remove MA from the crest and just have a rocker of Ontario or maybe Toronto. Lets do it big and take on Ontario and let others come to us.

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Sunday's Ride!

OK, so for those of you that have responded to me, Sunday sounds good. So we will swarm Cherry Beach at approx. 4pm Sunday afternoon.

Anyone who lives west or downtown can meet at
my house at 3 o'clock to ride over to Cherry Beach. Anyone who lives east can meet us at the beach at 4 o'clock, because we're not sure exactly how long it will take to get over there from my place.

This is how you get to Cherry Beach. We'll meet right at the foot of Cherry Street, at the lake.

See y'all there!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Change of Plans!

OK, a couple of people have emailed and said that Wednesday is too short notice for them but that the weekend is ok. SO.....

RCMP ride. Saturday afternoon. Cherry Beach. Be there or be square!

Let's figure out a time and a place.

BTW, some new people have signed up for the RCMP newsletter so once we have a time and a place all set up, we'll send out a bulletin and hopefully get to see some of the new faces out there!

Wednesday evening ride?

How does tomorrow evening at Cherry Beach sound to everyone? The weather is supposed to be lovely, and we have a new soldier, Stan, who would like to ride with us. He's a real cool guy with a Honda PC50. So post it here or on the MA, or email Lindsay and hopefully we can make it happen!

Finally, Joining the blog

Sorry I took so long to join. I'm not a computor wiz like the rest of you.My Ciao is running the best it has ever run but my Si is a diferent story. That thing has a gremlin hiding inside it. Bryan from Motion Left is selling me a Si motor and hopefully will bring it up to TO in September. Looking forward to seeing him.
This is my first post and I'm anxious to see if it posts. bruce

Sunday, July 17, 2005


I was visiting a friend in Markham today and I was driving home down Lakeshore just by Royal York when I saw Bill. AGAIN! (last time was about a month ago)

Not once but twice! What are the odds? I keep driving around the GTA and seeing RCMP members everywhere - Lindsay, you know what I mean! ;) I even saw a guy on a Revival going down Yonge, too bad he was zipping by in the other direction.

For all the millions of people here, it sure is a small place!

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Filled up the........

space the Peugeot left in my yard today. Got a Honda PA50. It's a project, but it's a nice litle bike.

Iam Here!!

Well after many ,many tries I have finally made to this blog thing. Anyway hello everyone. JJ

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

An Idea

Today I rode out to Stoney Creek (out of boredom, basically). There was an INSANE number of bikers around, and the causeway is sort of hilarious to drive (but man... those Hamilton roads and mopeds don't get along!)

Anyway, I realized that I could probably drive to Niagara Falls from Oakville in about 3 hours.

If you guys catch my drift... ;)

Swarming the Falls would be funny, even you guys just grab a van and meet me there. Maybe in a few weeks? Maybe even meet any US mopeders who want to come.

Whatcha think?

RCMP Mailing List

People have been asking if the RCMP had a mailing list they could join. Well, now we do! To subscribe to the RCMP mailing list, either click here to sigh up via email, or fill out the form in the sidebar. We'll let everyone know when and where the rides and get-togethers are.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

RCMP in High Park

Freddie, Marshall and myself took a little spin through High Park last night.

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We finally got to see Marshalls purple Puch. It's lovely. The colour doesn't really show in this photo, but it's a beautiful, rich purple. It's one clean bike!

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Then we headed over to the 7-11 for some yummy slurpees. A good little get-together.

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Monday, July 11, 2005

About Moped Sighting

While with Nimph (Jawa210) a guy came running up to me shouting and yelling. He apperently has a 1972 ? made in Czeck, I have never heard of this moped make before and think that he may have made a mistake. Anyway he claims to drive it all the time yet I have never seen him before today. All this is in the Richmondhill area if I see him again I will mention the RCMP he seems like a cool guy.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Sad day................

Sold the Peugeot this morning. Sniff, sniff...........

It's ok though, I sold it to Marshall so it's still in the RCMP.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Need a new Moped?

If anyone's looking for a new ride, and doesn't mind a little Ontario driving to get it, the RCMP radar came across these today:

1981 Honda pa50 moped, excellent condition, runs great, no ownership, $500, 705-374-4257 Beaverton

2001 Tomos Targa LX moped, motorcycle style, comes with bi-turbo exhaust, luggage rack, $1,295, 705-526-5315 Midland

PA 50 Honda Moped, good condition, $400, 705-646-1401 Bracebridge

Yamaha moped, started first kick, a lot of fun, $500 obo, call Nick, 905-939-0989 Schomberg

The one in Beaverton sounds nice..................just putting them out there for y'all to see.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Moped Sighting!

2 in one day! A silver Tomos Bullet parked at the North West corner of Queen and Portland and a blue Honda PC50 driving down Queen Street just west of Bathurst. My radar is out there, anyone know who these fine folks are?

Monday, July 04, 2005

A Very Productive Day...

So yesterday Marshall came over with his beautiful Jawa to help me out with my bikes.

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We spent the whole day working on my mopeds.

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My red Garelli needed some stuff done, and now she's perfect.

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The funny thing is, my white Vespa which some of you have seen and know to be a complete basketcase that I wasn't really going to do anything with? We decided to bring it out and play with it a little bit, and the thing runs great now! It's so funny, I never thought it would run. So now I might keep it and do some more work to it. It needs a LOT. To look at it you would never think that it would go!

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...And our mascot got a bath and a shave and is much happier about the heat now.

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All in all it was a very fun day!